20 Oct

Last Thursday, I had the chance to celebrate the opening of the new Aseop store in Bern. In a friendly atmosphere, I was warmly welcomed by the team and had the opportunity to indulge myself in a beauty experience.

In the heart of the Swiss capital, the boutique has been beautifully designed by German studio Einszu33, respecting the heritage-listed site that it occupies. The light filtered through the large windows enlightens the perfect blend of crafted elements and industrial components. With a gentle colour palette and refined lines, it sings of harmony and simplicity.

This quiet oasis offers a large range of skin, hair and body care. Cleansing, refreshing, soothing, moisturising, toning, treating… timeless essentials that I like to mix together. Indeed, I can create personalised solutions, as I need; an extra dose of scrub for an after-beach treat and one more oil drop for a winter balm.

And for now, it’s all about hydrating, but I may also need the travel pack for the coming weeks.

An address to remember for your next stay in Bern.1-Aesop-opening-web

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16 Oct

Back to basics ! While this statement is about to become a global call, I’ve recently found out that Switzerland also has its general store for basic supplies. I’m pleased to present you today the Merchant & Co., an online reference for high quality essentials.

Carefully selected, the wide range consists of home and office accessories as well as organic skincare. Promoting ethical values, the Merchant & Co. offers useful items made of noble and durable material meant to please as much as to last.

This timeless selection combines functionality and aesthetics to beautifully simplify your life.1-The Merchant & Co-4935

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14 Oct

While I was looking for a winter adventure, I discovered this amazing hotel located in the North of Sweden. In the heart of the boreal forest, the Treehotel offers the perfect setting for a nature experience.

Built in trees, the design cabins – Mirror Cube, Birds Nest, Blue Cone or Dragon Fly – are unique and comfortably equipped. These quiet tree rooms with panoramic view over the Luleå River valley enable to enjoy the tranquillity of unspoiled nature.

After a snowshoeing hike or a northern light tour, a stop in one of the tree saunas seems inevitable before reaching your nest. It is definitely worth braving the winter cold.

So, what’s your plan for this winter?1_cabin_exterior1_low

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9 Oct

While it is getting cold and dark outside, I’m longing for more cocooning time at home. To help us survive wintertime, Nordic experts have carefully prepared the season must-have.

Welcoming you home after a long day or offering you a cosy Sunday morning with a cup of coffee and your favourite magazine, these blankets are not only warm and soft, but they are also perfect home accessories, to be chosen with care.

For all DIY enthusiasts, let’s get inspired by Loopy Mango’s homemade creations.

Wrap it around you and enjoy autumn!Blanket-PiaWallen

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6 Oct

Last Saturday, I discovered in Lausanne a small design shop – Fricote – and instantly fell for its friendly atmosphere and carefully selected range. Next to cooking utensils and home accessories designed by Bloomingville, Ferm living, House doctor, Stelton or Menu among others, the gourmet corner delights the palate of fine food lovers.

As it wouldn’t be enough, independent magazines imported by Sérendipité and the latest cooking books enrich this selection and make out of this boutique a must-stop on your shopping tour.Fricote-FermLiving Continue reading


3 Oct

After two weeks of intense work, I’m back and happy to present you the geometric compositions by Ladies & Gentleman Studio. Exploring shape and sound, Dylan Davis and Jean Lee have designed these melodic chimes that a gentle breeze can put into motion to create a sweet melody. melodic-chimes-1-600x800Picture via L & G Studio


22 Sep

Taking inspiration from the buttons on the old stereo amplifiers, Gamfratesi has designed Volume table lamp. As the size of the shade is proportioned to the size of the hand, a simple gesture is enough to adjust the intensity of the light and accordingly adapt it to the needs.Volume T Face-to-Grey - install. AS100811 Picture via Gamfratesi


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