2 Oct

The current trend is all about decluttering, simplifying and organising, as the Japanese cleaning expert Marie Kondo explains in her now #1 New York Times best-selling guide “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organising”. Step by step, the minimalist spirit takes over. What if today we’ll start with organising our home office with style?

Whether you like them colourful or in shades of grey, the geo jars by Normann Copenhagen and the wall baskets by House Doctor are efficient ways to classifying. Even though chaos also brings some fun to life, you may want to spend your time better than searching for a clip or a pen.

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15 Sep

From September 17 to 20, Design Days will take over the Sicli pavilion in Geneva. Gathering design enthusiasts, the show will exhibit all aspects of contemporary creation. From ceramic design to wooden creation and innovative lightning technology, the 7th edition brings its share of surprises and discoveries. As part of the organisation team, I’m delighted to present you here a sneak preview of this major event in Switzerland.DD15_BANNERDesigners and artists will showcase their latest creations, may it be a limited edition or small series such as the concrete acoustic mirror by Sulyemianie Associati or the clown nose, born of the collaboration between Tomas Kral and Peter Fink.DD-miroir acoustique_1 Continue reading


5 Sep

Since more than two years, Sérendipité provides passionate readers and curious life explorers with a wide and international selection of independent magazines. From interior design to raw cooking and traveling, from Reykjavik to Tokyo, there is something for every taste. The slow lifestyle magazine Kinfolk or the newcomer Deriva are among my favourites. Let me admit it, Sérendipitié is my official supplier of inspiring superetteIt’s in Chexbres, that Céline, the dynamic founder of this online and nomadic library, has chosen to settle down. In the heart of Lavaux, classified World Heritage region by UNESCO, she has just opened « La Supérette » a new creative boutique, where her complete paper collection is available, but not only. On top of the treasures imported from all around the world and carefully displayed on the wall, a part of the space is dedicated to local creations. That’s why she collaborates with the local fine food specialist Chez Laurène. Food for thought and palate! Continue reading


18 Aug

Sun, surf and a touch of sea salt… that’s what I will remember from this 2015 summer. And you, which memories will you keep?

Travel is my endless source of inspiration. Discovering new people and marvel at stunning landscapes give me loads of energy and fresh ideas. Sometimes, a small detail that you see every day or a new moodboard can make these good vibes last.WTSS - Beach dream-Desk-summer-moodboardBetter than a postcard, some home accessories will enliven your interior and recall good memories. Whether you like sunbathing, horse riding or just wandering, the beautiful prints by Kara Rosenlund will make you smile.

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5 Aug

Summer is in full swing! While the pace slows down, we tend to enjoy more the little things in life, spending time on the beach listening to the waves or gathering friends together for a dinner on the terrace. A playful spirit takes over and it is time to unwind. Do you also like to take a nape on a hammock or just let your inner child enjoy a swing?

There is a way to bring this festive ambiance inside and thus, make the summer last for ever. Reminding us good childhood memories, the swing is moving in. Set up as peaceful bubble or a flying bed, those swinging elements enlighten the atmosphere and offer a cosy setting to relax.WTSS-Swing 1 Continue reading


30 Jun

Creative mind behind Ro, the Copenhagen-based designer Rebecca Uth harmoniously mixes the historical aspect of her home with contemporary style. The rough and marbled walls enhance the soul of this mid 1800s building, while the load-bearing beams let the light into the bright living room.

As memories of her time abroad, wooden furnitures warm up the atmosphere of the large rooms. From her travels around the world, she also brought a fine collection of accessories that reflect family history.

Have a look into her creative home where an exotic touch brightens up the Scandinavian aesthetics.Rebecca Uth house -1 Continue reading


11 Jun

Constantly on the go, jumping from city to city, did you ever wonder what it would feel like to live a nomadic life?

First housing and then shopping… the gipsy spirit takes over. Let’s have a glimpse into this new lifestyle.

Made in Portland Oregon, this tiny home designed by Heirloom truly accommodates to any lifestyle. Equipped with high-quality materials and fixtures, it doesn’t compromise on essentials. With this luxury house on wheels, you can make home anywhere you park it. I leave it up to your imagination!WTSS-Nomad-Tinyheirloom-2

WTSS-Nomad-Tinyheirloom-3Do you prefer water? No worries, you can choose the Urban Pad created by Bert & May Spaces who provides an affordable and design led housing solution. With its matt black exterior and its Scandinavian-inspired interior, the city barge offers a simple and sophisticated living space. Let’s not forget the spacious rooftop terrace to enjoy the warm summer nights. If you want to give it a try during your next stay in London, check it out on Airbnb! Continue reading


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