22 Nov

Gathering locals and international designers, Blickfang is the destination for all design enthusiasts. This weekend, the Design Show has settled down in Zürich where independent designers have presented their latest creations, from fashion to jewelry and furniture, in a friendly and vibrant atmosphere.

This year, the Show has welcomed young Dutch designers as special guests. Among them, Winter in Holland and Studio Lotte de Raadt have exhibited their minimalist, yet colourful collections.Blickfang-SonderschauSimplicity, quality and sustainability play a major role in the latest collections, however no one wants to give up on aesthetics. Focusing on small series, these three growing design enterprises offer great essentials embodying these values. Continue reading


13 Nov

Outside, the darkness takes over, especially here in Stockholm, where I’m staying for the week. That is exactly the reason why light should shine bright inside, creating thus a cosy atmosphere for a relaxing reading session or late work hours.

Dressing up your desk or bedside table with style, these modern table lamps will enlighten your evenings with their warm glow.

Combining raw material and delicate shape, Jonas Wagnell designed the JWDA Concrete Lamp for Menu. As its intensity can be adjusted, it can always match with the mood of the moment, from intimate to bright.WTSS-LightItUp-MenuWith the Wood Lamp, TAF Architects have created for Muuto a contemporary interpretation of the traditional architect lamp. This timeless home accessory pays tribute to Scandinavian simplicity.Creativ BoardsThe Trophy Lamp designed by Nika Zupanc for is all about curves. Its retro look adds a sophisticated touch to the interior, while its glow softens the ambiance. Continue reading


1 Nov

Close to Bruges in Belgium, Bea Mombaers welcomes the travellers in the intimate atmosphere of her BEA Bed & Breakfast. The carefully chosen vintage furniture adds an extra charm to the house that is decorated with care and style. The delicious breakfast is served at the guest table or in the garden next to the swimming pool. Can you imagine a better setting for a weekend getaway?

The vintage design specialist is collecting beautiful furniture and accessories for her B&B but not only. Indeed, she also owns the interior design shop BEA Item, located in the Belgian town Knokke.BB-belgium-bea-3 Continue reading


22 Oct

While swinging through life, it is not always easy to focus on the right priority. As you get your warm cup of coffee and sit down comfortably to read this article, I’d like you to take a moment to enjoy the warm atmosphere around you and to notice the smell of fresh coffee filling the air. What if today we’ll slow down a bit and appreciate life a little more than usual.

Home, Sweet Home! may be a very commonly used quote. However, it is also clear that home doesn’t necessarily refer to a place but to a feeling, a sense of happiness and harmony. Launched two years ago, DADADUM has been rethinking this approach of home and is now spreading its philosophy of slow living to all design lovers.

WTSS-Dadadum-Styling-2 Continue reading


12 Oct

The leaves colour up, the nights get longer and the breeze fresher, winter is definitely on its way. Whether you are looking forward to the snowy days or in the contrary wish to compensate the gloomy months with some exciting plans, get ready because hibernating is certainly not on the map this year!

Winter brings unforgettable memories, may it be a feeling or an adventure. Do you remember the moment when you enter a cafe and instantly feel the warm atmosphere that makes you want to stay there forever? Or the one, when you fight the snow storm to finally reach a one-of-a-kind place?

There are a few destinations that will help you embrace winter. These 6 stunning resorts will take your breath away whether you settle in for a romantic night or go for a snowy winter adventure.

WTSS-FogoIslandInn-SaundersArchitects-PhotographybyAlex Fradkin1

WTSS-FogoIslandInn-SaundersArchitects-PhotographybyAlex Fradkin3Facing the winds of the open sea, the Fogo Island Inn soars on the Canadian coasts. Part of an arts residency program, the resort designed by Saunders Architecture includes a hotel, live-in artist’s studios and different cultural attractions. Supported by a dozen of narrow columns, the architecture of the main building has been thought through to have a minimal impact on the environment. Letting the natural light in, the large windows provides a fantastic view over the coastal landscape.

WTSS-RefugiLieptgas-2-by-NickishSanoWalderArchitects-PhotographbyGaudenzDanuser Continue reading


2 Oct

The current trend is all about decluttering, simplifying and organising, as the Japanese cleaning expert Marie Kondo explains in her now #1 New York Times best-selling guide “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organising”. Step by step, the minimalist spirit takes over. What if today we’ll start with organising our home office with style?

Whether you like them colourful or in shades of grey, the geo jars by Normann Copenhagen and the wall baskets by House Doctor are efficient ways to classifying. Even though chaos also brings some fun to life, you may want to spend your time better than searching for a clip or a pen.

WTSS-NormannCopenhagen-Organizer-geo jar Continue reading


15 Sep

From September 17 to 20, Design Days will take over the Sicli pavilion in Geneva. Gathering design enthusiasts, the show will exhibit all aspects of contemporary creation. From ceramic design to wooden creation and innovative lightning technology, the 7th edition brings its share of surprises and discoveries. As part of the organisation team, I’m delighted to present you here a sneak preview of this major event in Switzerland.DD15_BANNERDesigners and artists will showcase their latest creations, may it be a limited edition or small series such as the concrete acoustic mirror by Sulyemianie Associati or the clown nose, born of the collaboration between Tomas Kral and Peter Fink.DD-miroir acoustique_1 Continue reading


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